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Neurology is a very specialized and highly individualized and very personalized process. All wellness and illness exists within the context of an individual’s life because of this Dr. Zuber has always focused on his patients and not the insurance companies. He is highly trained and experienced Neurologist. After his Neurology residency he did fellowship training from UCLA and Massachusetts General Hospital in EEG, EMG, Epilepsy and sleep disorders.

Dr Adam Zuber – Neurology Associates of Scottsdale Arizona 85258

Patients come to Dr. Zuber’s practice through referrals from colleagues or internet search direct referrals. Dr. Zuber for ethical reasons does not accept gifts from drug companies. Dr. Zuber’s patients are seeing him by choice and frequently “out of network” from their health-plan, and he is deeply honored. He is always aware of health costs and always tries to practice cost effective medicine.

Dr. Zuber is a strong believer in wellness and understands that most neurologic conditions may be secondary to underlying metabolic pathologies. Dr. Zuber has a strong relationship with a nutritionist and physical therapists and whenever possible would recommend nutrition, weight management and exercise with appropriate medications. As a rule, a comprehensive first neurologic exam and regular follow up provides the cornerstone of excellent care as a lot of times neurologic deterioration may not be appreciated by the patient themselves.

Dr. Zuber provides neurologic care to the greater Scottsdale and regional communities. He sees adults for continued neurology care as well as treating and diagnosing complex medical diseases. In order to take full advantage of what a busy neurology center can offer for his patients and practice, he does onsite multiple neurologic testing which include EEG, EMG, Dementia testing and VNS and DBS adjustments as needed.



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