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N648 Form for US Citizenship Exam Exemption

N648 form expert physician in Scottsdale Arizona. Dr. Zuber speaks fluent Spanish.

N648 form is required by United States Immigration services for exemption from taking required citizenship test.

Dr. Adam Zuber is a Board-Certified Neurologist and is an expert in documenting the necessary information to adequately fill out US INS form N648. Dr. Zuber is a licensed in the state of Arizona, New Mexico and Florida.

To become a US citizen all immigrants must pass a naturalization exam.

This exam consists of evaluating knowledge of the English language, including the ability to speak, read and write English. An important part of this test also consists of knowledge of American Civics, American history and Government branches and their functions.

Some immigrants are unable to pass the USA naturalization exam and require documentation as to why they are incapable of passing this test.

The majority of the US residents with green cards are able to pass the US naturalization exam by studying hard and preparing for this test. Unfortunately due to medical reasons some individuals are unable to pass the citizenship test. Form N648 is required to be filled out after evaluation and documentation of the patient’s inability to learn properly. This citizenship exam disability exemption may be due to multiple reasons including physical impairment, developmental disability, mental incapacity and or dementia.

N648 form is a medical certification required by the INS for disability exemption from having to take the citizenship test. It is offered to the immigrants who are unable to pass the USA naturalization exam due to valid reasons.

This form N684 has to be filled out by a neurologist who has adequate training and expertise and experience in completing this form properly. Immigrants need an expert like Dr. Adam Zuber to fill this form out with acceptable exemption’s to get relief from taking this examination.

Dr. Adam Zuber is fluent in Spanish and is a Board-Certified Neurologist with extensive experience of more than 20 years in providing expert determination about patient’s ability to take the naturalization exam.

Dr. Zuber will perform initial evaluation and further relevant testing to document the patient’s capacity and ability or inability to take this test. After the doctor has determined that the patient is incapable of learning adequate material and or communicate in English properly because of determined disability, then Dr. Zuber will fill out a form N648 carefully and with the prerequisite information required and acceptable by INS.

On rare occasions, this application may be rejected and we will gladly fill out the forms again at no repeat cost and make any necessary further documentations and explanations required by INS for the form N648.

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