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As you know Scottsdale is blessed with a diverse and very talented pool of well-trained clinicians and Dr. Zuber is fortunate to work closely with his esteemed colleagues. He is very well respected by his peers. He uses the criteria “who would I send my family members to” when making recommendations to the best and brightest colleagues in the community.

Dr. Zuber believes staying busy enables him to stay at “the top of his game”. Continuously being challenged by the panoply of patient health issues enables him to maintain his skill set and stay connected to his colleagues.

Dr. Zuber develops long-term relationships with his patients and cares for them through the continuum of their care. He aims to leverage technology in order to better serve his patients and is on electronic contact with all local community Hospitals. He utilizes electronic health records. He also has a very strong relationship with his esteemed radiology colleagues who utilize state of the art imaging technology.

Dr. Zuber has participated and given lectures at multiple medical conferences and is a highly published author and his research has been quoted by thousands of other medical research articles. Almost on a daily basis Dr. Zuber stays current on continuing medical education and reads from numerous medical journals and online research articles (he laments that there is not enough time in the day to read the seemingly infinite number of articles) which include: Neurology, The New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, The Lancet, American Journal of Medicine, Archives of Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine and The Medical Letter.


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